Poem: Sorry

Listen– I’m sorry for how I ramble on for how eye contact doesn’t always click for how I didn’t speak up because I was scared and for how I spoke up and made things awkward   I’m sorry for the length of my sentences and the depth of my inferences because I read into things […]

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Short Story: Hodgey

Written September 2015. This story is not considered canonical within The Valley Chronicles trilogy, but is an excellent example of Hodgey’s voice. People often speak of family as a thing you are born into- something marked by blood, immutable, eternal. I would like to offer an alternative conclusion, one which I have arrived at after […]

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Poem: What Are You Wearing Today?

Thanks for asking, great question. This is a 6’2″ mixed-race suit designed by God back in 1999… embellished with some scars and wear and tear for personality. It’s growing on me. The eyes are brown but a little heavy, weighed down by the years. I haven’t had to replace them them yet, which is something […]

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Short Story: Team

Written February 2016 It was a murmur. Quiet, fleeting, but there. Hunter looked over, surprised. “You say something?” He asked, looking away from his game of Halo towards his unlikely friend. Parker’s face turned red. When the popular football player had first begun slumming it with a guy of his social class due to the […]

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This Week on 3×3…

Just a general announcement- last week saw the release of several old poems of mine, and the next few weeks will feature short stories written by me over the last five or so years, released every other day. See you then! -Craig

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Poem: untitled

It’s easy to burn. All you have to do is care. Everyone thinks they can save the world, but we can’t save anyone. Because if you try, the vultures They scream they scream they scream they scream They scare the goodness away and you’re alone. And it hurts it hurts it hurts and you’re alone. […]

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Quest is Here!

It’s been a long road, but The Valley Chronicles: Quest is officially available to purchase! While it is not yet on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, it can be purchased from Lulu.com or from me directly. I hope everyone enjoys it- I’ve worked so, so hard on it and it turned out really well!

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Poem: hate

here’s the funny thing about hate it just happens no rhyme or reason no sense or sensibility people they just hate they take your words and twist them they take your dreams and steal them because they don’t understand Love and they don’t understand you and they don’t understand life and maybe, just maybe, they […]

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Poem: Look Up

Written Spring 2016. Memories are a funny thing, I guess They fade, they falter, they have a midlife crisis They decide to tweak themselves. Memories are not immutable. They are always changing and reinventing themselves.   Example: Once I remembered our first meeting differently, But context lent that day a more sinister edge. It would […]

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