Poem: 21 Lines Off the Coast

A lighthouse casts starlight across the harbor. A young boy drinks some as he rows. The stars taste like fire, though they look like ice. They buzz like flies, and are soft to the touch. They smell like lavender. To the boy, they definitely sound fragrant. He hides the star as Mike from that nearby […]

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Poem: Clara

The forest is filled with life alien to me Unpleasant things buzz around me harshly Their view of me altered by their alien eyes I must be careful not to step in the mud Liquid reminders of thunderstorms Which once rained down upon these woods   Perhaps these puddles shall remain Gathering more creepy crawlies […]

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Poem: Anna

Sun rests lightly on the roadside where flowers grow They spring from the cold, dank soil with warm life They organize themselves in quiet clusters Unmarked by the conceit of a garden Their purple blossoms peak towards the overcast sky Seeing past the clouds of the midday storm Towards the sunlight they know shall break […]

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Poem: Fluffynose Almondtail

This poem was written in 2012, during 6th Grade. Fluffynose Almondtail was a small, tan squirrel He slept in a tree hollow on top of a hill He spent his days searching for a small, brown nut And utterly despised all canine mutts.   Fluffynose Almondtail enjoyed maple sap at tea time He’d serve his […]

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