Memoir: Momentum

How hockey kept me moving forward.   The following was used as my Common App essay for my undergraduate applications. I have an absolute aversion to acceleration. I’ve always hated that moment- the moment when the world around me starts to whirl and blur, the moment when I have to trust myself enough to lose […]

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Poem: Felicity

Nobody can comprehend the depth of your complexity This beating heart shuns simplicity and simple sighs, Tussle and tear your skin in the name of eccentricity Shadow the sun with chaos and electricity Carry on despite the fires and molten lies Nobody can comprehend the depth of your complexity Push back against the tide of […]

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Poem: Childhood

Our beds are stacked together Each at their own height Each with their own color Purple, Pink, Blue They fit together, But they are not the same.   The walls are green, but not the whole way Giving the impression of hills in the distance. A place, that can be anything, A world of our […]

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Short Story: Humanity

Another day, another failure. I sighed as I left the interview, knowing that I had blown it. None of my jokes were ee remotely funny, and my resume had left a lot to be desired. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of being a comedian. I’ve taken classes, entered competitions, joined troupes, but […]

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Poem: Blood Bond

I have a daughter, beautiful and bright She has locks of hair which are different from mine Long where mine is short, curled where mine is not But I can see a glimmer of something familiar in her eyes A piece of myself, and a piece of someone I love Parts of a beautifully distinctive […]

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