General Announcements!

As my supply of old short stories runs dry, I’ve had to start wracking my brain for a feature to replace them. I’m happy to announce several features heading to the blog in early 2018! Looking Backward/Looking Forward LB/LF is a short essayish series coming to Electric/Eccentric, basically running through the ACC 2017 & ACC […]

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Poem: The Watch

Watches speak They tell us of ends and beginnings They help us feel the Ticking murmurs of inevitability Approaching both infinitely quickly And painfully slow They look aesthetically pleasing And weigh down wrists Just enough to make themselves essential So you feel naked When you find yourself without it Sometimes you have to wonder Whether […]

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Short Story: Nemesis

When I said “I do,” the first time it was already apparent that my marriage would not last. There was a look of sad uncertainty in her eyes as I told my new wife another lie, which was neither the first or last I would tell to protect her.  Jenny wanted to know about my […]

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