Poem: The Planet

Let down fall away below the surface there are no divisions no layers in the water all the way down all one and all unwounded Send it voyaging; it will not come again second life other beginning oh coloured world without weight without shore You are better; feeble Once the worlds were life, but only

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Short Story: Okay

“It’s okay,” said the rose to the boy. “I know you didn’t mean to.” Billy did not think what he had done was okay. Not even a little bit. He hadn’t known the rose was alive when he had picked it, true, but that really didn’t make it better. It was like planning to destroy […]

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Poem: The Stone

So little is a stone But it has seen more sunrises than You, Your father, Your father’s father, Your father’s father’s father, Or even his great uncle who used to frolic with dinosaurs While shooting pool with God himself. Once, this stone tripped none other than Eleanor Roosevelt, Back when it was a little bigger. […]

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Poem: I Am… (III)

III. I am not the shadow behind me or the sunburnt skin peeling off, it was my choice not to wear sunblock and I will bear the consequences I am too red to care   I am the age I am because I have chosen to live even though it hurts I have bitten back […]

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Short Story: Bargain

Created with a structure based on another fictional work in Advanced Comp class. Content-wise this story is mine, but the sensory grouping is the work of another. Sight It’s like a fire, she supposes- bright and ethereal, flickering as though it cannot decide whether to remain a part of reality or not. It casts strange […]

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ACC 2018: January

“I am my own sanctuary and I can be reborn as many times as I choose throughout my life.” -Stefani Germanotta It’s January 2018, and a half-hearted coat of frigid flakes descends upon the East Coast, drowning some and lightly dusting others, standing stark against the bare boned trees. This is a time of reinvention […]

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Poem: I Am… (II)

II. I am the flesh and life is the blade but all it takes is scarlet for me to bleed myself back.   I regret the wounds, but not the scars, I do not blame the stars for the dark of night. If they can’t see either I’ll light their way.

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