Poem: The Friend

We met in the circle of stones, and neither of us knew what to make of each other. Me in a t-shirt, sweatpants, holding a crudely carved stick and some wooden beads. We weren’t a familiar sight to each other. She was a sort of alien being, I could see it in the way she […]

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Poem: The Lake

I see him, sometimes, there. The doorway where he left me that night. Golden paint chipped, garish. He’d always promised to paint it. But I knew he never would. He liked the way the flecks offset the finish. He said it reminded him of The day we met. It reminds me of the day he […]

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Poem: The Truth

Written in 2016. I didn’t mean to do it, honestly. It kind of happened without me intending. But I guess that intentions don’t mean much, In the end. Not really. The fact is that I did it and it hurt everyone else. I dug the words into myself and everyone else suffered. My pain should […]

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