Poem: Family

My father: Thinks like a ticking analog clock, taking time apart with slow, methodical hands. Works like a cornerstone, standing tall despite the way the earth shifts and moves. Loves like a dancing dolphin, watching sunlight from below as it hits the waves.   My mother: Works like a canary, singing in the coal mine […]

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Preview: Makeshift

Makeshift is a short story I wrote freshman year which recently received a National Gold Medal in Science Fiction/Fantasy writing from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. I am currently developing an extended version of the story as a novella, and I’m providing a short preview here for your enjoyment. The first thing that struck Ally […]

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Poem: Human

(h)yo͞omən   Noun: Fragile, precious object, Capable of beauty Yet chooses darkness. Weak and worn. Once in a lifetime occurrence. Never surrenders.   Adjective: Not forever.

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Poem: You Are Not

Guess what? You are not EVERYWHERE. you probably shouldn’t leave the house.   Every violent event all my days best I could all the while life is risky every moment with no      Change.   Why not? You know no one . It is silly, Meaningless.

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Poem: Worn Out

I stand, uncertain, swaying on unsteady feet My hair is frenzied and frenetic, Yet not nearly as scattered as my disparate face, Worn by the countless years of water stains and rough hands, It is an old book, Perhaps useful for nostalgia, But nevermore shall it be appreciated, For the life and fire which burned […]

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