Makeshift is Available Now!

Makeshift, winner of a National Gold Medal in Science Fiction/Fantasy, is now available as a novella from with beautiful cover art from Gaby Stratmann! Be on the lookout for an eBook edition this November and for both editions to drop on & B& sometime soon!

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Poem: Amsterdam

The following is an insanely bizarre, free form poem written in August of 2017. There once was a very sad monkey, and he was super into doughnuts. But the donuts were all sold out. They had been for 75 years.   The monkey considered quitting doughnuts. He could move to Amsterdam, maybe, try something new. […]

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Poem: Turning Pages

I am not ready for tomorrow, but if it is any consolation Yesterday, I was not ready for today. It is easy to want to stay in place, but we can’t, The world keeps chugging like a treadmill. You stay in place, you stumble. You fall. You hurt. And you don’t land in the past […]

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Memoir: My Earliest Memories

The problem with memories is that they’re not terribly reliable. Recounted tales of my youth mingle with dreams to obscure the nature of my earliest years, forcing me to take even the most vivid memory with a grain of metaphorical salt. As such, I have several flashes of consciousness which vie for the title of […]

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