ACC in 2019: May

In May, a brand new season of blogging content from Electric/Eccentric premieres, including more poetry, short stories, Anna Farmer, and Starlight! Meanwhile, learn my Top 5 Comics of 2018, get a closer look at the city of Portland and what it means for The Valley Chronicles: Tempest, check out more of ACC Cinematic’ inaugural season […]

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Starlight #1: Nebula

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. “Stars in His Eyes, Pt I: Nebula” Cadmus (Narration): I’ve been told I was born, December 7, 1999 in a hospital in the nearest city. A hospital is shown, from the hallway. There are sounds […]

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