ACC in 2019: June

In June, new content comes fast and furious between equal parts blogging courtesy of Electric/Eccentric and video content from AC3! Expect exciting new announcements and some brand new creations as we gear up for August’s announcement of ACC 2020 and its contents, not to mention the fast-approaching release of The Valley Chronicles: Tempest!

  • Sunday, June 2nd- “Surprise Announcement” (ACC Cinematic)
  • Monday, June 3rd- “Ranking the MCU” (Opinion)
  • Monday, June 10th- “Which two Faction Do You Belong To?” (Quiz)
  • Thursday, June 13th- “Issue #4: Slasher” (Starlight)
  • Sunday, June 16th- “Tempest Teaser” (ACC Cinematic)
  • Monday, June 17th- “Swathe” (Poem)
  • Sunday, June 23rd- “Sucking @ Hockey” (Self-Shame)
  • Monday, June 24th- “Ranking the MCU” (Opinion)
  • Thursday, June 27th- “Chapter III: Suspension of Disbelief” (Anna, Farmer)
  • Sunday, June 30th- “June ’19” (ACC in 2019 Inventory)

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