ACC 20/20: September

Welcome to ACC 20/20! We start small with the return of Squirrel Academy even as Anna Farmer and Starlight carry on… but there are more surprises and fun in store as Electric/Eccentric’s current season closes out and AC3’s Self-Shame nears its own conclusion.

  • Monday, September 2nd- “Midnight” (Poem)
  • Thursday, September 5th- “Issue #7: Foul Play” (Starlight)
  • Monday, September 9th- “Why two Failed” (Memoir)
  • Tuesday, September 10th- Squirrel Academy!
  • Monday, September 16th- “Which Tempest Genre Are You” (Quiz)
  • Thursday, September 19th- “Chapter VI: Dog Days” (Anna, Farmer)
  • Monday, September 23rd- “Peculiarity (Poem)
  • Tuesday, September 24th- Squirrel Academy!
  • Monday, September 30th- “ACC 20/20: October” (ACC 20/20 Inventory)

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