Starlight #15: Not of Blood

Cad (Narration): I’m learning things are rarely as simple as they appear. Castor and Nala stare, stricken, at Mr. Emmens. Nala: Malcolm was always an alien? Mr. Emmems: Yes. He crashed in our yard as little more than an infant, and… we took him in. Castor: You took in an alien as your son? Mr. […]

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How it Began (a Relic blog post)

The story of Relic could begin in many different places. It could begin with two, the first amateur webseries I produced, or with Cedric Clarke & the Unsettling Dark, the project that this series was birthed from. It could begin when I started to write, or when my friend Zoe and I came up with the basic idea for […]

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Starlight #14: Littleville

We begin with Cad and Hunter driving into Littleville, a small quaint farming town in Kansas. Cad (Narration): Just a few hours ago, I was debating whether Team Starlight needed to exist. And, I mean, it’s still a good question. But right now, split up into three different teams, investigating an alien murder mystery? I […]

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A Quick Note

Due to having taken on more than I can chew, I have decided to significantly reduce my creative output in the hope of recharging. Most if not all of my projects will be placed on hiatus. Projects that will proceed as usual include… Relic Cedric Clarke & the Unsettling Dark Projects that will go on […]

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Poem: Particles

Particles drift from my skin into the airThey flake off and flare up and smooth the tearOnce, long ago, I was dark as the seaBut now I look into the water and the reflection isn’t me. Things change and skies break and we spin towards the endWe hold onto each other and covet the touch […]

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ACC ’21

It’s been an eventful year. A lot has changed for everyone, myself included, but I’m privileged enough to be coming at you with a slate of new reveals and teases for the new year. Probably not a lot of surprises, but a lot of interesting stuff that will hopefully pique your interest. Before I begin, […]

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Memoir: Rugby & Me

Being very bad at something is a peculiar feeling; and I am very bad at rugby indeed. The Summer before my first semester at Bates, my mother was called by a current Bates parent and welcomed to the Bobcat family. Somewhere in the conversation, the parent disclosed that her son was on the rugby team, […]

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