Poem: Starlight

Gracious glistening in the gutted heavens, Full or not, standing beside the moon, Under or over, singing a sad soliloquy Just a fading breath against the blue Breathe on, shattered stalks of green Breathe against the gutless gait of the forward Against the simple sighs of long ago Breathe on, and remember still. Advertisements

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Starlight #2: Hard Lessons

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. Cadmus (Narration): When I was in the hospital, I wasn’t allowed to read or watch TV or basically do anything. Cadmus stands at the hospital window. Cadmus: So I made up a sort of game. […]

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ACC in 2019: May

In May, a brand new season of blogging content from Electric/Eccentric premieres, including more poetry, short stories, Anna Farmer, and Starlight! Meanwhile, learn my Top 5 Comics of 2018, get a closer look at the city of Portland and what it means for The Valley Chronicles: Tempest, check out more of ACC Cinematic’ inaugural season […]

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Starlight #1: Nebula

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. “Stars in His Eyes, Pt I: Nebula” Cadmus (Narration): I’ve been told I was born, December 7, 1999 in a hospital in the nearest city. A hospital is shown, from the hallway. There are sounds […]

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ACC in 2019: April

April Showers bring an end to ACC Pub Ink’s all-encompassing hiatus as ACC Cinematic begins its first “season” of consistent content! Starting now, our YouTube channel will produce 3 original videos every month until the end of the season, typically consisting of a sketch and one promotional video related to Two, The Valley Chronicles, or […]

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