I Am Enough

Content Warnings: Self-Harm and Suicidality. It’s 12 A.M. I’m lying in bed frantically texting my friends because I’m afraid I’ve overshared with a distant friend. I’m playing Smith & Thell’s “Alice” on a loop to soothe me, only half-hearing its echoing strains. And then somewhere in there, somehow, something occurs to me. Something that I […]

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Opinion: Plurality

I believe in the complexity of mankind; That every person is multifaceted and multilayered beyond imagination, that our selves are so much wilder and weirder than we ever dared to believe. I believe that the human spirit is indefinable; That experiences alone cannot define another to us… there is always more to see. We are […]

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Announcement: I am… Behind

I’ve had a bit of a time adjusting to college and devoted the last month or so exclusively to my schoolwork at the expense of my extracurriculars. As a result, I haven’t been to hockey, worked on my novel… or this blog. The gap between my latest queued posts and the present has been shrinking […]

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