Poem: I Am… (IV)

I am imperfect indecision Quiet chaos, Self-censored for fear. I hold back howls despite intention. I crave connection but cannot piece myself into the puzzle.   I am not shaped satisfactorily. I am shaved down. I strip myself to quiet quirks. My full self stands forgotten.

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Poem: Ascent

Note: This is the 125th blog post on Electric/Eccentric. Hold on to the slick stone and Stay steady as you reach up, up, up Up higher, off-balance, still breathing Despite gravity’s cruel grip and creation’s grave cast Height only holds you if you try not to feel fear.   Feel the pull, feel it, let […]

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Poem: Descent

Today, I learned that Forests will swallow you if you let them. They’re wide and long and darker than you think and If you go up, you will have to go down and it will hurt, like Hell and you’ll feel sick and it will be okay.   Because, look, listen… if you’re lucky, you’re […]

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Poem: Amsterdam

The following is an insanely bizarre, free form poem written in August of 2017. There once was a very sad monkey, and he was super into doughnuts. But the donuts were all sold out. They had been for 75 years.   The monkey considered quitting doughnuts. He could move to Amsterdam, maybe, try something new. […]

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Poem: Turning Pages

I am not ready for tomorrow, but if it is any consolation Yesterday, I was not ready for today. It is easy to want to stay in place, but we can’t, The world keeps chugging like a treadmill. You stay in place, you stumble. You fall. You hurt. And you don’t land in the past […]

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Poem: Family

My father: Thinks like a ticking analog clock, taking time apart with slow, methodical hands. Works like a cornerstone, standing tall despite the way the earth shifts and moves. Loves like a dancing dolphin, watching sunlight from below as it hits the waves.   My mother: Works like a canary, singing in the coal mine […]

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Poem: Human

(h)yo͞omən   Noun: Fragile, precious object, Capable of beauty Yet chooses darkness. Weak and worn. Once in a lifetime occurrence. Never surrenders.   Adjective: Not forever.

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Poem: You Are Not

Guess what? You are not EVERYWHERE. you probably shouldn’t leave the house.   Every violent event all my days best I could all the while life is risky every moment with no      Change.   Why not? You know no one . It is silly, Meaningless.

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