Poem: Poison

Venom never leaves, Your skin, your pores, your heart Let it simmer in the Summer winds Nevermore will you know peace But when the light hits your crooked veins Breathe in, and taste the life Advertisements

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Starlight #5: Starlight

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. Part One The issue begins at the front door of Cadmus’ house. Parker is waiting by the door, looking conflicted. After a moment of hesitation, he walks nervously up to the door and presses the […]

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Short Story: Below

It had been ever so many years since Adelaide had seen the sky but that was to be expected. Children of the Lights were to be treasured, kept far underground- Adelaide knew this. Being a Child of the Lights was an honor- a true honor- and Adelaide was eternally grateful that the Lights had chosen […]

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The Walk (Anna, Farmer #3)

And so it came to be that Anna strolled out through the media center of her school, a determined look in her small brown eyes. Brash, but thoughtful, Anna ducked through the scattered shelves of various educational materials and computers, avoiding the watchful gazes of the normally quite perceptive librarians. As it happened, Anna was […]

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Poem: Swathe

Around me sits a swathe, It carves me away from those who stay, It keeps me alone in the dead of night, Whispering to the stars to remember me. The air chirps and chills, Telling the world to stay away, stay away It burns blue, an electric fire That illuminates the echoes I had hoped […]

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Starlight #4: Slasher

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. Cadmus stares, shocked, at the bloody scene before him. The elderly man cackles as he continues drawing the symbol. Cadmus: I… I… don’t understand. Man: That’s okay, Cadmus. You won’t for a while. Cadmus: What, […]

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Starlight #3: The Lost

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. The issue opens in Ridge Hill High, where Cad is walking out of his last class. Cadmus (Narration): So, school was interesting. Cut to similar shots of Cadmus in various classes, looking uncomfortable. In Chemistry, […]

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Poem: Starlight

Gracious glistening in the gutted heavens, Full or not, standing beside the moon, Under or over, singing a sad soliloquy Just a fading breath against the blue Breathe on, shattered stalks of green Breathe against the gutless gait of the forward Against the simple sighs of long ago Breathe on, and remember still.

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