Starlight #14: Littleville

We begin with Cad and Hunter driving into Littleville, a small quaint farming town in Kansas. Cad (Narration): Just a few hours ago, I was debating whether Team Starlight needed to exist. And, I mean, it’s still a good question. But right now, split up into three different teams, investigating an alien murder mystery? I […]

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Starlight #8: Hurt House

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. We open on a crumbling, demolished lakeside property… the same one from Issue #6. Narration: Sometimes, things are forgotten. Slowly, we zoom in. Narration: Every neighborhood has a house- one house which seems to have forgotten […]

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Short Story: Lament

It was a light, trilling melody, reminiscent of a carol, but not a happy one—more like those sad songs Charlie heard on the radio about poor people or loss, created in a half-hearted attempt to reject the commercialized truth of the season. With a haunting hum, the tune looped through his head: One, two, three, […]

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Short Story: Bargain

Created with a structure based on another fictional work in Advanced Comp class. Content-wise this story is mine, but the sensory grouping is the work of another. Sight It’s like a fire, she supposes- bright and ethereal, flickering as though it cannot decide whether to remain a part of reality or not. It casts strange […]

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Short Story: Whiskers & A Keen Mind

Written November 2012.   Stealthily, a cat ascended the crumbling stone wall, and it seemed to him that there had never been a night as chaotic and disturbed as this one. From their perch facing the newer part of town,  Kieron and his older companion, Edur, watched the unfolding events with moderate interest. Across the […]

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