Starlight #2: Hard Lessons

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. Cadmus (Narration): When I was in the hospital, I wasn’t allowed to read or watch TV or basically do anything. Cadmus stands at the hospital window. Cadmus: So I made up a sort of game. […]

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Starlight #1: Nebula

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing. “Stars in His Eyes, Pt I: Nebula” Cadmus (Narration): I’ve been told I was born, December 7, 1999 in a hospital in the nearest city. A hospital is shown, from the hallway. There are sounds […]

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Preview: Makeshift

Makeshift is a short story I wrote freshman year which recently received a National Gold Medal in Science Fiction/Fantasy writing from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. I am currently developing an extended version of the story as a novella, and I’m providing a short preview here for your enjoyment. The first thing that struck Ally […]

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Short Story: Humanity

Another day, another failure. I sighed as I left the interview, knowing that I had blown it. None of my jokes were ee remotely funny, and my resume had left a lot to be desired. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of being a comedian. I’ve taken classes, entered competitions, joined troupes, but […]

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Short Story: Nemesis

When I said “I do,” the first time it was already apparent that my marriage would not last. There was a look of sad uncertainty in her eyes as I told my new wife another lie, which was neither the first or last I would tell to protect her.  Jenny wanted to know about my […]

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Short Story: While You Were Out

Written September 2015. “Number twelve. You have to do something….please I don’t know how much longer I can hold out against the warp.” Beep! Message deleted. “Number one. Hello, I’m very sorry to disturb you but I’m afraid that my life is in danger. My name is Dr. Hunter Syhmjion, and this may be hard […]

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