Short Story: While You Were Out

Written September 2015. “Number twelve. You have to do something….please I don’t know how much longer I can hold out against the warp.” Beep! Message deleted. “Number one. Hello, I’m very sorry to disturb you but I’m afraid that my life is in danger. My name is Dr. Hunter Syhmjion, and this may be hard […]

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Short Story: A Night in Gulch Falls

Written August 2015. Elements Co-Created by Mari Harutunian, Erika Karlin, and Alexa Marquis. Benton Warwick had always been wary of the Forest of the Fey. Even as a small child, when his friends had danced at the edges of that strange and dangerous abyss, careless smiles upon their countenance,  he had shied away, his spine alight […]

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Short Story: Whiskers & A Keen Mind

Written November 2012.   Stealthily, a cat ascended the crumbling stone wall, and it seemed to him that there had never been a night as chaotic and disturbed as this one. From their perch facing the newer part of town,  Kieron and his older companion, Edur, watched the unfolding events with moderate interest. Across the […]

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Short Story: Hodgey

Written September 2015. This story is not considered canonical within The Valley Chronicles trilogy, but is an excellent example of Hodgey’s voice. People often speak of family as a thing you are born into- something marked by blood, immutable, eternal. I would like to offer an alternative conclusion, one which I have arrived at after […]

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Short Story: Team

Written February 2016 It was a murmur. Quiet, fleeting, but there. Hunter looked over, surprised. “You say something?” He asked, looking away from his game of Halo towards his unlikely friend. Parker’s face turned red. When the popular football player had first begun slumming it with a guy of his social class due to the […]

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