Poem: Hourglass

Let me be forgotten. Let my smile be stricken from memory; My laughter, erased from the air.   Let time erode my sorrows, Let age rust over my victory. Let me struggle and scream And stand against the tide of the hourglass, And let me fall. Let me drown in the sand. Let me be […]

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Spring Cleaning & Updates!

Activity on this blog has slowed to a crawl as of late, which has a lot to do with a) finals b) the hellish production of two‘s pilot and c) the fact that I’m graduating in maybe like 48 hours? Crazy. So, yeah, things have been hectic, and things are changing, and I felt it […]

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Poem: Blackfire

The darkness burns as it consumes you. From the inside out you are engulfed. These dreams are not yours; These desires are dangerous. Yet still, your hand is drawn to the flame It burns and scorches but you stand still.   You pray for release from that which has you, consumed. You tear yourself apart […]

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Just Be Kind

I know why you did what you did. I understand that you wanted to protect me, I love you, and I always will, but— –No, listen to me— You were wrong.   You tried to do the right thing Right up until the end And then you gave up. You chose me over the right […]

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Poem: Beach Blue

The tin-foil star was torn from the sky but burns a bit in sunlight. The beach chills me to the core, today. I’m wearing shorts.   My hollowed chest is a tree trunk.        Blackened burning in my nose        Roaring drowsiness tugs at my fingers        The grass […]

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