Poem: Particles

Particles drift from my skin into the airThey flake off and flare up and smooth the tearOnce, long ago, I was dark as the seaBut now I look into the water and the reflection isn’t me. Things change and skies break and we spin towards the endWe hold onto each other and covet the touch […]

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Poem: Shadow

a shadow sits upon usit shades the past in scarlet tonesit enrages the things that once were calmand calls for an end to hope. love is gone away nowit hides beneath a veneer of regretit shatters beneath the weight of the endand wishes for better days, now long gone. Together, we seek the future.Do not […]

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Poem: Pufferfish

Round as the Earth, he matches the shadowThat lived forever in his nightmares.Gutteral gasps gape insideAs into the mirror, he stares and stares. Is this forever? Or just a momentOf suffering and embarassment and self-loathing. It’s a matter of growth, and it’s a question of StrengthAnd you can collapse if you’re brave enough but don’t […]

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Poem: Midnight

Blue-black bays at the bright moon. Together we-who-are-one walk towards the sky. Restless, we wish for wisps of senseless joy. Bright-black begs for a sharper contrast. Alone, I-who-am-many make do with the stars I have. Lonely, I long for songs of yesterday.

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Poem: Persephone

Alone within the quiet cavern you crawl The choices you made make less sense here. Around the waves the foam frees you. Light cannot be found without fear. I dreamed of dreary days and needless nights They sheathe me as I stagger onward Skies sit sadly where they cannot be seen.

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Poem: Poison

Venom never leaves, Your skin, your pores, your heart Let it simmer in the Summer winds Nevermore will you know peace But when the light hits your crooked veins Breathe in, and taste the life

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Poem: Swathe

Around me sits a swathe, It carves me away from those who stay, It keeps me alone in the dead of night, Whispering to the stars to remember me. The air chirps and chills, Telling the world to stay away, stay away It burns blue, an electric fire That illuminates the echoes I had hoped […]

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Poem: Starlight

Gracious glistening in the gutted heavens, Full or not, standing beside the moon, Under or over, singing a sad soliloquy Just a fading breath against the blue Breathe on, shattered stalks of green Breathe against the gutless gait of the forward Against the simple sighs of long ago Breathe on, and remember still.

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Poem: Voyager

Exhaustion echoes as I sing dark sighs Divided by an ocean, communication compromised Heart bursts back into my stinging eyes Such sadness seen as I salvage sunrise Blue moods and black days keep warmth away I shiver and I shudder and sweat though I stay No matter what happens, I will find a way It […]

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