Poem: I Am… (III)

III. I am not the shadow behind me or the sunburnt skin peeling off, it was my choice not to wear sunblock and I will bear the consequences I am too red to care   I am the age I am because I have chosen to live even though it hurts I have bitten back […]

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Short Story: Bargain

Created with a structure based on another fictional work in Advanced Comp class. Content-wise this story is mine, but the sensory grouping is the work of another. Sight It’s like a fire, she supposes- bright and ethereal, flickering as though it cannot decide whether to remain a part of reality or not. It casts strange […]

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ACC 2018: January

“I am my own sanctuary and I can be reborn as many times as I choose throughout my life.” -Stefani Germanotta It’s January 2018, and a half-hearted coat of frigid flakes descends upon the East Coast, drowning some and lightly dusting others, standing stark against the bare boned trees. This is a time of reinvention […]

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Poem: I Am… (II)

II. I am the flesh and life is the blade but all it takes is scarlet for me to bleed myself back.   I regret the wounds, but not the scars, I do not blame the stars for the dark of night. If they can’t see either I’ll light their way.

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Poem: I Am… (I)

I. I am not concerned with the grey-colored lenses of passerbies, I am burning, ink, inkwells, the sound of a keyboard klick-klacking   I am the snow my skates shave off as I turn I was stone but now I am water I have stared my self-shame and known it was me but I have […]

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Memoir: Momentum

How hockey kept me moving forward.   The following was used as my Common App essay for my undergraduate applications. I have an absolute aversion to acceleration. I’ve always hated that moment- the moment when the world around me starts to whirl and blur, the moment when I have to trust myself enough to lose […]

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