Looking Backward: The Creativity Co.

Looking Forward / Looking Backwards is a series of articles discussing ACC PUB INK’s former and upcoming projects.

The gang in all its short-lived glory.

I’m not sure how much to say about TCC besides this: it was an interesting idea, but in the end, it looked a lot better on paper.

Lexxi, Luke, Gaby, Jenette, and Alex (Jenette and Alex never actually filmed any videos) were my co-conspirators on this project, and it quickly became a case of too many abstract ideas for videos without proper planning for how they’d actually pan out. Then there were the occasional disagreements, conflicts of interest, and just the simple fact that hanging out was a lot more fun if we weren’t filming it.

So I didn’t feel that badly about laying this project to rest. Luke and Gaby moved anyway, Luke back to Texas and Gaby to London, where she is pursuing her dreams very impressively, so the gang wasn’t all there anyway. In the end, a lot of the group sort of split off to just being my friends/ or helping me with other projects (if all goes as planned, you’ll see stuff from Lexxi, Gaby, and Jenette soonish).

Anyway, that doesn’t mean I’m done with YouTube. I have ideas. Bad ideas that will probably crash and burn, but ideas nonetheless.

So… yeah. That’s that.


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