ACC in 2019: February

As we roll along into February, the majority of my projects continue to be on hiatus! Therefore, this month will be a light one, featuring a spattering of small bits and pieces from various projects as we lead into the final month of hiatus (March) and prepare for new seasons to begin. This month you can expect:

  • Friday, February 1- “Kayden Coates / Emily O’Keefe” (two Featurette)
  • Monday, February 4- “My Top 25 TV Shows, Updated” (Opinion)
  • Sunday, February 17- “Tempest: Introducing Portland” (AC3 Video)
  • Thursday, February 21- “Lament” (Short Story)
  • Monday, February 25- “Vacation” (Squirrel Academy)
  • Thursday, February 28- March ’19 (ACC in 2019 Inventory)

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