Announcement: I am… Behind

I’ve had a bit of a time adjusting to college and devoted the last month or so exclusively to my schoolwork at the expense of my extracurriculars. As a result, I haven’t been to hockey, worked on my novel… or this blog. The gap between my latest queued posts and the present has been shrinking so there may come a day when this blog slows down for a bit.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the next month or so without any ACC content! If you would be so kind, please take the time to check out our (mature audience imprint) webseries two!

All four of our currently-released episodes are embedded below. Me and a surprisingly large group of people put a ton of effort into producing this series with zero experience or budget whatsoever and while it has a bit of the rough start, this series gets pretty awesome by the fourth and fifth episodes so, PLEASE–  check it out! Episodes 5 and 6 release over the next two Fridays, and after a brief hiatus, the final four episodes will air between Dec 28 and Jan 11.

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